Pastor Don Baron did undergraduate studies at such academic institutions as Yale, NTU (National Taiwan University), and did graduate work at University of Hawaii. He has
also served at institutions such as Hawaii Bible Institute and various church organizations.

Pastor Don Baron does not like to be called Rev. Baron, because according to him, ''I dislike the word 'reverend' because it's unbiblical.  The word suggests that I am worthy
to be 'revered'  - whereas the word 'pastor' simply refers to one of Christ's gifts to the church for the equipping of His people for their ministries (Ephesians 4:11-12). I think of
myself as merely a fellow-minister with all Christians who, according to the Bible are all ministers - my particular assignment being to help equip them for their ministry."

Pastor and Mrs. Don Baron have one son, Christopher Baron, 36 years old and single. Christopher was a graduate of Duke University with a major in "Comparative Area
Studies" (which, for him was China and Europe). His first language was Mandarin Chinese, which he was required to speak at home (with the penalty of a reduced weekly
"allowance" if he spoke English to his parents!), so he is bi-lingual. Christopher has an M.A. degree in International Relations from University of Hawaii and has worked in
the U.S. State Department at the China Desk and also in the National Security Council under Condi Rice. His passion, however, is the Gospel, and presently he is in New
Zealand working with an inter-church movement called "Love Your Neighbor" that seeks to bring the Savior to the vast majority of New Zealanders, who do not know Him.  
Pastor Don Baron
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The Baron Family:
Pastor Don Baron & Mrs. Ia-Mei Baron & son Christopher Baron
Pastor Don Baron & Mrs. Ia-Mei Baron